1992 - 1997 programme

(listings may be incomplete)
7 May 1992 : Jocelyn Keith
What if they had listened to Florence? Miss Nightingale's report on the depopulation question of New Zealand, 1860
7 May 1992 : Ian St George
Orchids, with love. An explanation of the reasons for Orchidomania which appears to affect the Upper Classes
2 July 1992 : Malcolm Watson
Pioneers of insulin use in New Zealand
2 July 1992 : Graham Martin
If we don't know where flies go in the winter, where do diseases go when they are not recognised? a history of subdurals
6 August 1992 : Lindsay Haas
The mighty leaf: a history of smoking
6 August 1992 : Colin Feek
A hundred years of thyroid replacement
29 October 1992 : John Burt
The history and romance of fingerprints
29 October 1992 : Peter Hatfield
Richard Bright of Guys
4 March 1993 : Ian St George
Cornflakes and concupiscence, oatbran and onanism, weetbix and wet dreams, masturbation and madness; big books, big jobs:
Victorian rectitude and advice for a healthy lifestyle
9 June 1993 : Professor David Cole
Two contemporary surgeons: the rise and fall of Ferdinand Sauerbruch, thoracic surgeon to Hitler;
and the rise and ascent of Sir Gordon Gordon-Taylor
12 August 1993 : Ms Lou Costello
The Wellington offspring of King Dick and Grace Neill
12 August 1993 : Professor Jim Neale
Mozart's renal disease
14 October 1993 : Ms Gillian Ryan
Preserving your secrets for posterity
14 October 1993 : Dr Michael Humble
Reflections on tuberculosis
19 May 1994 : Dr John Mackay
A history of tuberculosis through the eyes of some celebrated sufferers
19 May 1994 : Dr Don Urquhart-Hay
Samuel Pepys's bladder stone
20 July 1994 : Sir Randall Elliott
Kennedy Elliott's 8mm movies
20 July 1994 : Mr Peter Johnson
Francis Glisson and the liver
14 Sept 1994 : Mr Graham Martin
The life and head injury of Don Carlos, heir to the Spanish throne
27 October 1994 : Sir Randall Elliott
The first voyage: an account of the ship's surgeon of HMS Endeavour with Lieut. James Cook
27 October 1994 : Ian St George
The second voyage: did the Resolution's sailors catch Tapanui flu in New Zealand?
6 April 1995 : Ian St George
Body snatching, burking and Lizar's Anatomical Plates, being an account of historical researches following the discovery of an 1827 anatomy text in a Blenheim junkshop
6 April 1995 : Graham Martin
Art is the aunt of anatomy
7 June 1995 : Wyn Beasley
John Hunter and the Antipodes
2 August 1995 : Mr Mel Taylor
Sir Maui Pomare
2 August 1995 : Dr Dick Rawstron
Dr H H Spratt; the first medical practitioner in Palmerston North
4 October 1995 : Sir Randall Elliott
The New Zealand medical services in the battle for Crete
15 November 1995 : Wyn Beasley
Orthopaedics before the Orthopaedia
29 November 1995 : Dr Rod Westhorpe
Origins of anaesthesia in Australia and New Zealand
27 March 1996 : Ms Sarah Thomson
Puff off: tobacco policies; past, present and future
29 May 1996 : Dr Richard Stone
Ulric Williams - the rehabilitation of a rebel?
31 July 1996 : Dr Dick Rawstron
Dr Samuel M Curl, the first medical practitioner of Tawa
31 July 1996 : Dr Don Urquhart-Hay
The fees of our predecessors
30 October 1996 : Dr Malcolm Watson
Did you go to Pappworth?
30 October 1996 : Ms L Costello
Dr C D Costello, an early radiologist
9 April 1997 : Marten Hutt
Maori and alcohol: a history
4 June 1997 : Wyn Beasley
The disability of James VI and I
4 June 1997 : Dr Dick Rawstron
Anaesthetic Services in Palmerston North Hospital 1893 - 1993
6 August 1997 : James McNeish
Jack Lovelock: the failure of success
30 October 1997 : Dr Peter Carson
The Health of Franklin D Roosevelt