2004 programme

4 February : David McHaffie
Fatal Heresy and the Discovery of the Pulmonary Circulation
3 March : Ron Easthope
A century ago in Wellington
Medical Tales of Painting, Politics and the Painfully-paralysed Prisoner
7 July : Wyn Beasley
The Hand in Benediction - Experience with the Light Touch Prosthesis
7 July : Lady Jocelyn Keith and Ron Mackenzie
Men, Morals and Microbes - Man's inhumanity to Man
1 September : Bede Squire
The University of Bologna : It's History and it's Scholars
8 October : Robin Scoular
The History of Cremation
3 November : Richard Stone
A Review of some Early Admissions to Porirua Hospital
1 December : Lou Costello
A Glimpse of the History of Midwifery