2012 programme

1 February : Ron Easthope
The Place of Hearts - Tales of the Unexpected
7 March : Wyn Beasley
The Joys of Writing History
4 April : Graham Martin
The Secret Trepanation of Pope Clement VI
2 May : Peter Dukes
The Pain of Labour
6 June : Archie Kerr
Docs at Sea
4 July : Ron Easthope
Lindsay's Links : a Site for Your Eyes
4 July : David McHaffie
Society Update
1 August : Michael Shackleton
The Ailments of Anthony Eden - a cautionary tale
5 September : Warren Austad
Talking Sense
3 October : Olaf Simpson and David McHaffie
The Life and Times of James Young Simpson
7 November : Jayne Krisjanous
Phossy Jaw and Victorian Match Workers:
Alleviating a dreaded occupational disease
by changing consumer purchasing preferences