2013 programme

6 February : Ron Easthope
The National Heart Hospital 1914-1990
and the golden age of clinical cardiology
6 March : Susi Williams
Dame Cecily Pickerill and The Bassam Hospital
3 April : Wyn Beasley
A full lineout of Monros
1 May : Peter Leslie
Psychology, Pathology, Politics and Power
5 June : Wyn Beasley
Update on the Monros - the Monro Collection
5 June : Roger Ridley-Smith
The Karori Lunatic Asylum
3 July : Archie Kerr
3 July : David McHaffie
Maurice Pappworth
7 August : Warren Austad
Livery, Apothecary and all that stuff
4 September :
Business meeting
4 September : Ron Easthope
London Hospitals - the impact of the Dissolution
2 October : Linda Watt and Matthew King
Health and History shaped by the process of Elimination
6 November : Jayne Krisjanous
"Enjoy the war; the peace will be terrible!"
The work of the UNRRA in the lives of Europe's Displaced Persons post WW II