2015 programme

4 February : Ron Easthope
William Ledingham Christie - the remarkable life and times of
Otago Medical School's first graduate
4 March : Redmer Yska
Death Stalks the Doll's House: how a season of epidemics
shaped Katherine Mansfield and her world
1 April : Dame Margaret Sparrow
Contraception and Abortion in 19th century New Zealand
6 May : Richard Stone and Peter Turner
Sheer Lunacy - the influence of the moon on the development of civilisation
3 June : Leo Buchanan
Provincial Paediatrics in the 1970s
1 July : Wyn Beasley
Artists of the Burma Railway
5 August : Archie Kerr
Sailor, Painter, Composer - orphans in the 18th Century
2 September : Lucy Sulzberger
Gillies, McIndoe and the Guinea Pig Club:
The New Zealand Beginnings of Plastic Surgery
7 October : Jane Tolerton
NZ Medical Heroines of WW1
4 November : David McHaffie
Elliott's Scalpel and Sword
2 December : Roger Ridley-Smith
Work and Prayer in the Medieval Monastery