2016 programme

3 February : Ron Easthope
To and from Russia with love - the remarkable Ethel Christie.
2 March : Wyn Beasley
Dispatch from Waterloo
6 April : David McHaffie
Letters from Tchaikovsky
4 May : Susi Williams
Tales of three hospitals during WW2
1 June : Bob Smith
Stories with a medical aspect from the Book of Tobit
6 July : Warren Austad
The College and the pomegranate
3 August : Roger Ridley-Smith
Very General Practice
7 September : Julia Wells
Quinine, Whisky and Sun Helmets:
Amateur Medicine in British East and South-Central Africa, 1890-1939
5 October : Ron Easthope
Barbara A Mackenzie - who do you think she was?
2 November : Jayne Krisjanous and Jo Walton
Nurse Mackenzie's photo album: what did she see?
7 December : David Abernethy
Oliver Sacks - meta-neurologist