2017 programme

1 February : Peter Hatfield
Treatment of Kidney Failure in New Zealand
1 March : Clare Ashton
Sister McMillan's Gallipoli kitten and other animals: mascots at the first world war
5 April : weather cancellation
3 May : Michael Harrison
The Very Early History of Modern Anaesthesia
7 June : Bob Smith
The Legacy of Epicurus
5 July : Anna Rogers
Classed as Angels: New Zealand's First World War nurses
2 August : Wyn Beasley
Understanding Judas
6 September : Glyn Harper
Bully beef, biscuits and scurvy: the rations at Gallipoli
4 October : Ron Easthope
Dr James Barry 1789 - 1865
a pioneering British Army surgeon
1 November : Jayne Krisjanous
Stately Hospitals of the World Wars - the mortal wounding of the English Country Home
6 December : Dianne Buchan
Sun, Sea and Sustenance
The Story of the Otaki Children's Health Camp