2018 programme

7 February : Roger Ridley-Smith
Blitzed - The Nazis and the Pharmaceutical Industry
7 March : George Salmond
Nuclear Weapons, an On Going Dilemma
- a personal reflection
4 April : Wyn Beasley
Three Men : - building a robust scientific heritage
2 May : Bob Smith
Hitler's Gift to British Medicine
6 June : Lucy Sulzberger
Medicine Man: The Cures and Curios of Sir Henry Wellcome
4 July : Ron Easthope
F. Truby King -:- a man of letters
1 August : Michael Harrison
James Young Simpson of Edinburgh
5 September : Jayne Krisjanous
Capturing hunger in the Dustbowl through the lens of Dorothea Lange
3 October : Diana Murray
51 years of Nursing and Midwifery in Wellington,
a personal perspective, 1967 to 2018
7 November : Archie Kerr
Small Pox but a Big Problem
5 December : Ellie Jay
The Mount Felix Tapestry : A London hospital
for soldiers wounded at Gallipoli