2019 programme

6 February : Peter Hatfield
The history of Kidney Transplantation
6 March : Wyn Beasley
The 'Marquette' and the Founders
3 April : Roger Ridley-Smith
The Clerkenwell Workhouse
1 May : Heidi Thomson
John Keats, Poet-Physician: Poetry and Palliative Care
5 June : Don Rennie
History of ACC and the reasons for todays problems
3 July : Ron Easthope
Educating Nurses at Wellington Hospital : 1883 - 1985
7 August : Bob Smith
The troubling legacy of Auguste Deter, Alois Alzheimer and Emil Kraepelin
4 September : Lucy Sulzberger
Peaches with a side of Typhoid: The Tale of Mary Mallon
2 October : Archie Kerr
Ancient Indian Medicine
6 November : Jayne Krisjanous
Mary Toft's Rabbets: Best Fake News Story Ever?
4 December : Ron Easthope
Nurse Mildred Rees