2021 programme

3 February : Mark Derby and David Lowe
Doug Jolly - NZ surgeon in the Spanish Civil War
3 March : Nilufar Allayarova
Abu Ali ibn Sina's (Avicenna) contribution to medical science
7 April : David Abernethy
Victor Horsley - pioneer of epilepsy surgery and man of many parts
5 May :Ron Easthope
A Plague a' both your houses - A largely literary look at past plague pandemics
2 June : Merian Litchfield
Grace Neill
7 July :Michael Harrison
Emergency Medicine in a cold climate, April 1982
4 August :Paul Herrick
The History of Cataract Surgery
1 September :Jayne Krisjanous
WW1 Nurse Anaesthetists
6 October :Noel Sulzberger
3 November :Lucy Sulzberger
Keeping the Wolff from the door: The history and legacy of Wolff, Parkinson and White
1 December : Reuben Johnson
A history of Pituitary Surgery
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