David McHaffie

David, who first attended WMHS meetings in the late 1990's, shares the group's enthusiasm for the refreshment of our activities during 2013 / 2014 - revision of the Society Rules, obtaining funding support, planning for next year's program and the preparation of future presentations.

His association with the Medical School and Wellington Hospital began as a 6th year student in 1969 and has included a focus on clinical coaching.   Retirement this year from clinical Cardiology should allow more time to research historical topics.

Talks given to WMHS previously have included:

2004 Fatal Heresy and the Discovery of the Pulmonary Circulation
2005Flexner - the Ranked outsider in Medical Education
2006 Nicholas Culpeper - Herbalist.   (Savoury weed or pricking thorn?)
2006 The Medical World of Benjamin Franklin
2007Avicenna and Abulcasis - Islamic Medicine in the Golden Age
2008 Penicillin - Who did the most to make it work?
2009 (with Richard Stone) Lewis and the Effort Syndrome
2010 Floyer's Pulse-watch Revisited
2011 Erasmus Darwin - Free-thinker in the Age of Reason
2013Maurice Pappworth
2014Sir Arthur Keith - the evolution of man

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