Jayne Krisjanous

Jayne joined the WMHS in 2012 and was appointed Chairperson in 2019.   Jayne is on the academic staff of the School of Marketing and International Business at Victoria University of Wellington.   She is also a Registered Nurse and Midwife. Her interests in the history of medicine are broad and she finds all aspects of medical history and its interaction with the social structures of the day fascinating.   An area of particular interest is how medical beliefs and practices were influenced by the commercial environment of the Victorian era.

Talks given to WMHS previously have been:

2012Phossy Jaw and Victorian Match Workers:  Alleviating a dreaded occupational disease by changing consumer purchasing preferences
2013"Enjoy the war; the peace will be terrible!"
The work of the UNRRA in the lives of Europe's Displaced Persons post WW II
2014Doctors as spokespersons in cigarette advertising
2016Nurse Mackenzie's photo album: what did she see?
- with Jo Walton
2017Stately Hospitals of the World Wars
- the mortal wounding of the English Country Home
2018Capturing hunger in the Dustbowl through the lens of Dorothea Lange
2019Mary Toft's Rabbets: Best Fake News Story Ever?