Jane Tolerton

Jane is a writer, journalist and historian whose books range in subject matter from the soldiers of the Great War to the chicks of the swinging sixties.

She has a BA in history and American studies and a Diploma in Journalism from the University of Canterbury.  She has won a number of journalism awards including the Dulux News Award and the Crown Prize for Historical Journalism, and was Writer in Residence at Victoria University in 1996.
In 1993, Ettie: A Life of Ettie Rout (1992), won the New Zealand Book Award for Non-Fiction.

With Nicholas Boyack, Jane edited the oral history In the Shadow of War; New Zealand Soldiers Talk about World War One and Their Lives (1990).  She has also edited Convent Girls (1994), in which New Zealand women talk about their experiences of growing up as Catholics, 60s Chicks Hit the Nineties (1996), and It's time we started telling these stories (2008).