Peter Turner

Optometrist, & Human Factors Technologist

For 30yrs operated the Low Vision Clinic at the Dept of Ophthalmology, Wellington Hospital and is currently planning the development of Low Vision services based on Kapiti Coast operating under the umbrella of a regional LV Trust.

He continues to practise part-time as an Optometrist, specialising in Therapeutic Contact Lenses for the treatment of keratoconus, post graft corneal distortions, trauma and congenital defects and is periodically contracted to advise on human factors in the workplace, particularly in relation to the visual environment.

As a Technologist, Peter is developing a range of medical devices relating to visual handicap and physical infirmity, with particular emphasis on a modular Support System positioning IT equipment, aids and appliances in optimal positions for access from a bed, seating, etc.  He works closely with Talklink Trust, among others, to provide support solutions for patients at the Spinal Unit, Burwood Hospital and in private homes.

For the last few years however most of his energy has been devoted to the development of the disruptive Turner Technology that he hopes will supercede the 'black art' of prescribing therapeutic contact lenses, particularly for problematic fittings of corneae that have been excessively traumatised by multiple grafts, lacerations, etc.  Providing accurate metric assessment of the entire exposed surface of the globe, followed by computer modeling, the irregularities of the anterior surface can be reflected onto the rear lens surface with provision for support, tear flow and optics by raypath optimisation.  The digital design of the solid lens enables complete point by point, numerical control of the custom manufacturing system, ensuring a perfect fit and optimum visual performance.

Talks given to WMHS previously have been:

2005 Psychophysics and Eye Disorders through the eyes of the ancients
2008Egyptian Ophthalmia