Redmer Yska

Redmer Yska is a Wellington writer and public historian.  In the 1990s, he produced two popular works on aspects of postwar New Zealand youth culture:  NZ Green, the Story of Marijuana in New Zealand (1990), and All Shook Up, the Flash Bodgie and the Rise of the NZ Teenager in the 1950s (1993).

In 2001, Yska explored his identity as a Dutch New Zealander with An Errand Of Mercy, Captain Jacob Eckhoff and the Loss of the Kakanui.  In 2006, Reed published his commissioned history of Wellington City:  Wellington: Biography of a City.  Yska was awarded the National Library Research Fellowship in 2008 to write a history of NZ Truth.  The result:  NZ Truth: the Rise and Fall of the Peoples Paper was published in 2010.