Lucy Sulzberger

Lucy joined the WMHS in 2014.   She is currently a fourth year medical student at Otago University, Wellington campus.
In 2014, Lucy took a year out from her medical studies to complete a Bachelor of Medical Science with Honours at the Gillies McIndoe Research Institute under the supervision of Dr Swee Tan.   It was during this time her interest in the history of plastic surgery was fostered.

The Gillies McIndoe Research Institute bears the name of two pioneers of plastic surgery : New Zealanders Sir Harold Delf Gillies and Sir Archibald McIndoe, whose works have inspired this presentation.   Harold Gillies is recognised as the father of modern plastic surgery through his surgical success in restoring both appearance and function to disabled and disfigured soldiers of World War I.   Gillies' nephew, Archibald McIndoe completed his medical training at Otago University and joined his uncle in the UK, where together they were influential in restorative plastic surgery of British Armed Forces servicemen.   Both Gillies and McIndoe pushed the boundaries of surgery, with their significant contributions marking a critical phase of the field's development.

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