Wyn Beasley CNZM

Wyn had his active career as an orthopaedic surgeon, and was on the visiting staff of Wellington Hospital 1958-89. During this time he became a vice-president of RACS 1983-85.

In retirement he devoted himself to the writing of history, and his ninth book, 'Churchill : the supreme survivor' was published at October 2013. He is a regular contributor to a number of medical publications. In 2001 he was elected FRCSEng, and he was a Hunterian Professor in 2002. He was one of the group that founded the Wellington Medical History Society in 1980, and was an early president.

Talks given to WMHS previously have included:

1981Medical Heraldry
1995John Hunter and the Antipodes
1995Orthopaedics before the Orthopaedia
1997The Disability of James VI and I
2003Kipling - the College and the Critics
2003Art and Amputation
2004The Hand in Benediction - Experience with the Light Touch Prosthesis
2005Churchill : A Medical History
2005Nelson : a bicentennial account
2006Pillars of Surgery - Looking at three Colleges
2007Surviving Scurvy : The Life and Times of Edward Evans and Churchill at Sea
2008Understanding James
2009Popes to Prosthetics
2009A year of Commemoration
Charles Darwin born Feb 1809
The Origin of Species published Nov 1859
2010The Romantic Surgeon
2011Weasels, Keys and Thersites
2012The Joys of Writing History
2013A Full Lineout of Monros
2014The Enigma of Lord Moran
2015Artists of the Burma Railway
2016Dispatch from Waterloo
2017Understanding Judas
2018Three Men : John Hunter, James Cook, Joseph Banks

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